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Sea Hunter

Slip into an atmospheric diving suit and get ready to have a blast in the depths of the ocean as Sea Hunter by Play’n Go takes you on a deep-diving adventure that sees you swim alongside an abundance of slippery creatures like clownfish, stingrays, octopus, and whales. This isn’t your typical online slot with an underwater theme that oozes tranquillity, though. While the various forms of sea life swim around in the dynamic background, navigating their way past a mountain of treasure chests that have amassed from shipwrecks over the years, a very funky soundtrack echoes out and the reels have been anchored between a pair of cannons, which are housed on a mechanical pulley to enable them to move up and down, with flashing lights and sirens ringing out signaling that you’ve landed consecutive wins to increase the power-up meters before four cannons erupt to deliver dramatic wins.